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Specialised Terminologies Translation and Text Revision


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Lifelong Learning

Faculty of Linguistic Sciences and Foreign Literatures
Se.L.d’A. - University Language Centre


Specialised communication is of great professional importance and is characterised by the appropriateness of the use of terminology and the orientation of content to the recipient.
Training and translation management are objectives of our Specialisation Course which:
a) provides the necessary skills for editing, translating, revising and communicating in specialist and professional fields
b) enables the in-depth analysis of specialised terminology and its varieties, as well as knowledge of appropriate sources and types of oral and written texts
c) provides the most advanced preparation for specialised communication professionals in the international arena

Promoted by: Faculty of Linguistic Sciences and Foreign Literatures University Language Centre (Se.L.d'A)
Observatory for Terminology and Language Policies

In collaboration with: Ass.I.Term (Italian Association for Terminology) | Realiter (Pan-Latin Terminology Network)


Developing and updating the necessary knowledge to perform activities such as translation language services and specialised communication, translation management at high levels, in accordance with the professional characteristics that are required of language experts working in the specific fields under consideration.


The course - fully online - will start on February 2nd and end on May 3rd, 2024.
The total commitment required amounts to 120 academic hours, including 40 hours for the final project work.
Four modules of 20 hours each.

Each module comprises two parts:
in the first part, a scientific introduction to the topic of the module is delivered by an expert in the field in order to highlight:

  • the complexities of the area covered by the module;
  • the selection of primary and secondary sources;
  • the professional characteristics required of a language expert working in the field under consideration.

In the second part, workshop hours offer:

  • the analysis of textual case studies;
  • the practice of team working methods, according to organisational management patterns that are implemented in the linguistic-translation area.

The online activities provide tasks to consolidate and explore the module, exercises and exchanges with the instructors.
The languages of the online exercise activities are English, French, Spanish, German and, on request, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian. The participant will have access to online tutorials in English. It is possible to access the tutorials in an additional language, subject to a fee adjustment upon registration.

MODULE 1: Terminology activities in specialist communication
MODULE 2: Revision and editing: quality and storytelling
MODULE 3: Translation management
MODULE 4: Terminology and social media: texts and SEO techniques

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The project work
The project work (40 hours) will be developed and managed online through the tools offered by the dedicated platform. Ihroughout its development, trainees will work independently and in 1-to-1 sessions with Course Specialists, under the supervision of the Course Coordinator. It will end with the presentation of the project work by the participants on Friday, 3 May 2024, at 10 a.m., on the Blackboard platform.


Key features

Faculty consisting of experienced professionals and academics, European specialists and representatives of the most prestigious language and translation services of national and international institutions and bodies.

A wide range of training languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian
Distance and integrated learning | Online team work | One-to-one sessions/tutorials | Analysis of text case studies from different specialised fields | Group work

By resolution of the Board of the Faculty of Linguistic Sciences and Foreign Literatures, this Specialisation Course  allows students who wish to enrol in the LM 37, LM 38 and LM 39 Italian Graduate Degree Programmes after completing the course to acquire 4 ECTS relating to "Other Activities".

Info point

Who should attend

-Professional figures working in:
European Institutions and Public Administration
Private companies
Publishing and media companies
-Graduates interested in the field

A C1/C2 level of language competence for English and B2/C1/C2 level for another elective language are required. Language certificates are not required; language preparation is self-certified and will be proven during the course.

When and where

February 2nd - May 3rd, 2024 
Registration by 27th January (11.30 pm)


Registration fee

1200 €: registration fee
350 €: addendum second language extra exercises (optional)
880 €: for members of the Premium Services of the UCSC Alumni Association
700 €: for students still enrolled in a Graduate Degree Programme at Università Cattolica


Maria Teresa ZANOLA

Full Professor at the Faculty of Linguistic Sciences and Foreign Literatures, Scientific Director of the University Language Service (Se.L.d’A.) and the Observatory for Terminologies and Language Policies


Lecturer in Terminologies and Specialist Translation and coordinator of the Translation and Text Revision Service of the University Language Centre - Se.L.d'A

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Executive & Continuing Education Office
Email: elisa.ballerini@unicatt.it
Phone: +39 02 7234 5834