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The Impact of the Value Chain Activities’ Location on Innovation & Performances




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In the latest years, location strategies of firms have gained growing attention due to the recent rise of reshoring announcements, which cannot be considered just an outcome of new political platforms based on protectionism.

Most of them aim at coping with problems determined by unsuccessful offshoring decisions. But, when considering how to implement a relocation choice, namely in terms of geographical destination and in terms of governance of the new manufacturing footprint, several concerns arise and a wide array of relevant factors can be identified, which can drive the effectiveness of a reshoring project.

In this setting, offshoring and reshoring can be seen as possible outcomes of a “rightshoring” approach, regarded as the decision-making process that leads towards sound location decisions.

Main Goals

  • Discover the Rightshoring Strategic Framework
  • Understand the drivers of localization decisions, identify supply chain risks and design risk-mitigation strategies
  • Learn from successfully-implemented strategies
  • Depict Trade Tensions & New Globalization Trends
  • Optimize efficiency, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and responsiveness to market demands
  • Build and maximize supply chain coordination and collaboration


7 frontal lessons, from 7th of October to 25th of November 2024
Conversation, Masterclasses and audio-visual contents

1.    Offshoring versus Reshoring? Rather, shouldn't it be Rightshoring?
2.    Legal and Fiscal Framework
3.    Logistic opportunities and Constraints
4.    Enviromental and Social Sustainability
5.    Geopolitical Framework
6.    The Role of Technology

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Key features

In Presence or Live Online Learning - Delivered in our classroom, with a limited number of participants to ensure maximum engagement

Top UCSC-Accenture Faculty and KeyNote Guest Speakers - Who will share their knowledge and facilitate thoughtful discussion throughout the program

 Enhance career prospects - Training on how to Explore purchasing, production and distribution strategies for a global environment

Peer-to-Peer Connections - Many opportunities to interact with your global peers through both formal and informal activities

A Rich, Interactive Experience - A high-quality, transformative learning experience with timely, actionable content and seamless interactivity

Università Cattolica Certificate - Issued to those who attend at least 75% of the course

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Who Should Attend

Students and recent graduates


High-level executives and business owners

Where and when

In Milan at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore



Early bird within 10th of April
Enroll within 15th September 2024 at this link

Participation Fee

€ 1600 (Tax included): full fee

€ 1440 (Tax included): Alumni Premium Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

€ 1403 (Tax included): early bird until 10th of April 2024


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